Album Art

Yes, we know art too. 😎

Some people like music for the music, and some people like music for the tiny square of art that appears in the bottom left corner of Spotify. This is the post for those people. [Read More]

fuck off, pitchfork.

Disclaimer, this post is annoyingly meta; that is, it’s criticism of music criticism. Yes, we’re that invested.

The deluge of almost theatrically glowing praise surrounding Fiona Apple’s latest album—and in particular, Pitchfork’s 10 out of 10 rating—points to a way larger problem in music criticism about idealizing a certain type of establishment, well-known, well-treaded work and artist at the expense of others who are genuinely pushing the... [Read More]
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Trying by Luna Li

Why is all good music from Toronto?

Not to be too artistic or anything, but Luna Li’s Trying is a dream laced with electric wire. It’s an insane combination of smooth and fiery, tied together by killer instrumentals and some badass production – you should definitely give it a listen. [Read More]
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