I love you from the space beneath my feet,
And beneath that, and beneath that


I’ve been sitting alone for hours
Waiting for you to bring your ugliest parts to me
I’ve been naming our thorns for hours
Hoping you’ll treat them as kindly as you treated me
Oh, I’ve been thinking like a beast for hours
Wondering if you like the challenge of grooming me
After I glamour you for hours
Will you have the strength, the strength to extinguish me?

Boy, I’m hungry but all my knives are dull
Will you sharpen your teeth to hunt and keep me full?

When you’re burnt out and you’re praying for rain
Can I wish for flood? Is that okay?


I called all your ex-boyfriends and asked them for a kiss
I needed to know if they still carried your fragrance
Baby boy, as their mouths, their mouths consumed mine
Their lips were sweet as yours, I hope your flavor stays in mind

mourning song

I’m sure my friends are tired of me talking about you
But it’s a gift, it’s a gift to miss you
What kind of lover would I be if I didn’t properly grieve?


Boy, every time I worship you
My mouth is filled with honey


Can I make your favorite meal before you move out?


Because of him lesser men have set their father’s home ablaze
And as the smoke billowed all those men became
The boys they never got to be, never got to be


I can tell he loves deeply just by the fog he leaves in the air
Already I need him

He knows love can’t exist where there is cologne
He knows I can’t fall in love if he’s wearing cologne

slow syrup

I’m a glutton for “can we make this work?”
We can argue and leave room for dessert

You need the calm, I need the world to end inside of me

bless ur heart

literally the WHOLE SONG

When I give these books away will my ink betray me?
Will my stories resist wings and grow feet and convince men that I’m boasting?
Or will my psalms seek the company of lonely breaths?
Will they inspire sudden lovers to kiss with mouths they don’t have yet?
Boy, whoever reads about how much I adore you
I hope my words bring them something new

With you I can empty myself of all my rivers and become a remarkable sky
How could I keep these love documents to myself?
How could I restrict what’s given me life?
Today I’ll find a kind and burrowing creature that can carry these pages into the ground
He’ll recite the details of your love with his family
And what was once a whisper will become a deep rumbling sound

Boy, thank you for showing me how to be gentle
I have courage to share your love boldly

Apparition EP


Concrete has hurried itself into bloom
The mice have forgiven our greed
Still you won’t kneel to kiss me
My lips the only source of water for miles

As your lips curl at the smell of sweetness in the room
Keep tying your shoes
You should know the world outside my door has tightened its womb for you
Help me say the darkness of the leaves has come
Forgiveness has not
Tell him one more time, the darkness of the leaves has come


I’m starting to feel the cord between us is made of gossamer

I’m starting to kiss these bruises
It hurts that you won’t join me

four ethers

Your name is about as easy to remember as the four ethers
And who the hell knows the four ethers?


My sweet, sweet mystic
Are your lips too deep for kissing?

This Hill

And grinned when the grass called my step heavy
My way to punish the Earth for asking me to live this long