10.0 = My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This isn’t your album of the year—it’s your album of the decade.

This score is for the self-imposed exile in Hawaii after the 2009 VMAs, I made a 9-minute song toasting to douchebags that starts with half a minute of literally just piano keys and ended it with 3 minutes of completely distorted singing and instrumental and it’s freaking genius, could-be-considered-perfect, every single second on this album has a purpose type stuff.

0.0 = Whatever Shawn Mendes’ album(s) is/are.

Or that equivalent level of all-sounds-similar, one-guitar-strumming, turbo-radio-friendly music. Sorry. He seems like a nice enough guy, and being a musician is definitely hard and we have mad respect for anyone who makes it, but. You know how it is.

But also:

Numbers are a construct. We use vibes not constructs.