Let’s admit it, good music exists on a spectrum. Sometimes, you can’t throw the kids into the deep end all at once, you know? Floaties first.

Below, you’ll find a set of beautifully illustrated (that’s right, we know graphic design 😎) directed acyclic graphs for your perusal that will have even the biggest Maroon 5 fans in the world shouting along to JPEGMAFIA.

First, for your friends who think “God’s Plan” is the hop song of the decade:

Next, converting your friends from basic indie to… insanely good indie. I know we all want to smoke and chill to Tame Impala, but let’s not forget that Rostam and Young Fathers are making music, too? Like there’s a whole other world waiting for us.

Ah, pop. The genre traditionally lampooned the most by angsty teens and boomers alike. But pop can actually lead you into some really good sounds, if you’re looking in the right places. Here’s how to get your friends from more “standard pop” into some truly good music.

We’ve all got that one friend who refuses to listen to music made after 1973. Here’s how you can catch them up with the times.

You’re welcome in advance.

(Also, in the interest of science, let us know if these song processes worked for you. We’ve got an email, and an instagram, and a twitter.)