Jonah Renna’s Star Destroyer, produced in a dreamy indie style, is the kind of song that makes you nostalgic for all the angst and unrequited love that’s typically associated with Your Teenager Years™, even if you’re still technically a teenager.

Title: In a discussion of this week’s SOTW. Alternate Title: We’re really cool, Exhibit #1009230.

His voice, which feels like it has a slight reverb on it, is nice and smooth as he croons Slightly Sad Teen™ lyrics we can all relate to, like “I wish I could press rewind,” and “You don’t love me no more,” in the chorus. You’ll find yourself singing along almost unconsciously. The Production™, which includes this kind of siren/horn-like sound, except if a siren or horn was slowed down in frequency and pitched down (it’s hard to describe noises, alright), sounds really good. In the latter half of the song, when the verse starts—Renna talks in a slightly distorted, rapid, almost meditative style (it super strongly reminds us of a specific other/artist song but for some reason our brain**s just cannot come up with who it is exactly, if you listen and you figure it out PLEASE LET US KNOW it’s been bugging us so much)—you’ll just get this super strong sense: yeah, this just sounds good. It’s vibes.

Jonah Renna, who’s 18 years old (the same age as us). How are the kids these days so good at everything imaginable?

We’re Reminded Of

Kevin Abstract. Literally Kevin Abstract, with the production and the overall vibe and just, yeah. In a good way, of course.

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