Bendigo Fletcher’s Wonderfully Bizarre has phenomenal songwriting, unexpected moments of intensity, and an undercurrent of sweetness so lovely you’ll feel your heart soar.

Bendigo Fletcher, the Louisville folk group that created this song.

There are some artists (Father John Misty and Hozier come to mind) who transform love songs into what we don’t typically imagine love to be like — intimate, imperfect, obsessive. Bendigo Fletcher nailed this feeling on Wonderfully Bizarre, with the lead singer’s almost desperate cry “Do you wanna get married?”.
And the musicality™ is pretty damn unique. For example, at ~3:40 a robotic, talkbox sounding voice breaks through the strum of guitar to tell us “Bad dreams, you never get away” — an unexpected but genius addition to an already amazing song.

Lyrical Highlights

You’d be the mercy under my cruelty
My revelation bloodshed free

Where the blue grass creeps over top
Decades of devotion
Warm underneath the frost

We can build a home in a bush of azalea
Dress it up in true morale paraphernalia

We can be defined by the things we want
I’ll be a life full of free haircuts from the one that I love
We’ll collect fallen out teeth in a candy jar
Mice for the backyard peregrine falcon reservation

This stuff is straight up poetry. But to be honest, the entire damn song is a lyrical highlight.

Consensual Wisdom, the 2018 album the song belongs to.

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